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Pygmalion Capital LTD - Dedicated to Hotel Investing
About Pygmalion Capital

Pygmalion Capital Advisers LLP is an investment firm exclusively focused on hotel investing

Pygmalion Capital LTD - Dedicated to Hotel Investing

At Pygmalion, we offer opportunistic investing expertise, extensive local market relationships and active asset management experience within the hotel sector.

The London and Barcelona-based team is made up of experienced professionals who source, negotiate and execute hotel investment transactions across Europe.

We manage carefully selected partnerships with operators able to maximize both top-line and bottom-line performance.

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Pygmalion Capital - Meet The Team
The Team

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The London and Barcelona‐based team comprises experienced professionals combining years of expertise sourcing and structuring hotel investment transactions across major European jurisdictions.

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Pygmalion Capital - Case Studies
Case Studies

Our investments

Pygmalion’s investment and asset management teams work together to identify opportunities and implement strategies targeted to each asset.

Details for a selection of our investments are included here.

Pygmalion Capital - We're Hiring
Career Opportunities

We're hiring

Pygmalion Capital is currently looking for candidates to join our Investment and Asset Management team in London.

A strong understanding of the hotel investment sector is required and preferably previous experience within a real estate investment group or hotel group.

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